The Reason We Are Who We Are – Classic Food

By Mae Harrison / April 7, 2019

Serve New England’s food is purchased from the finest private producers, growers, and wholesalers in New England.

Whenever possible, we purchase fruits and vegetables directly from local farmers. Our meats are often better cuts than what can be purchased in the supermarkets.

Because we are able to buy in such large quantities, we are able to get big discounts on the food that we buy. None of our food is government surplus or reduced because of lesser quality. We take pride in offering the best for less.

Our food is offered in 3 pre-selected packages and 2 monthly meat specials. The Family Meal Plan is designed to prepare 4 meals for a family of 4.

The Meat Only package is extra portions of the same meats offered in the Family Meal Plan for those who either want to take advantage of stocking up on favorites or need extra portions to feed their family. The Produce Package is the vegetarian alternative to our Family Meal Plan.

Meat Specials

In addition to our regular packages, we also offer 2 meat specials each month. Typically, we offer boneless hams, pork roasts, bbq ribs, sirloin steaks, beef roasts to name but a few of our most popular items.

Holiday Food Basket

Each Fall, Serve prepares a Holiday Food Basket which includes an 8 – 10-pound turkey along with all of the food you need for your holiday feast.

We include potatoes, carrots, onions, apples, squash, stuffing mix, and cranberry sauce just to name a few.

Not only can our customers order this for themselves, but we also make this available to agencies and organizations who donate and/or prepare meals for the less fortunate. By ordering from us, they save money, but they also save the time it takes to shop for these items.

A participant registers at a local Serve Chapter, such as a church, school, council on aging, or other community agency

Serve New England purchases food directly from manufacturers, wholesalers, and N.E. farms through a unique bulk buying system for all those who register.

Participants complete 2 hours of community service for each food package purchased.

Serve New England coordinates the distribution of food to the Chapters who in turn distribute packages locally.

Participants return to the Chapter to pick up their order and begin the cycle of service to their community and savings for their families.

You may also place your order here on our web site. For more information or to purchase online now click here.